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Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

A Spectrum of Finishes

Valued for its originality, a decorative finish is always unique to the space and the client. Techniques are numerous and might also be combined to create the desired result. Trends include:

Stucco is a tintable acrylic plaster coating that replicates the lime and ground marble ‘Stucco Veneziano’ popularised in Italy during the Renaissance.

Oxidized textures transform objects and walls into precious and unique pieces of art. Time is at the centre of this attraction, rendering a finish that reproduces the natural flow of time.

Every city is complex, reflecting the life and memory of its populace. We draw inspiration from industrial presence and transform it into raw creative expressions in coarse or fine grain.

A soft touch effect that expresses the delicate interior life of an individual, ideal for private and personal spaces where you can feel real and at home.

Wall to Floor
A multi-layer system that permits to achieve seamless surfaces for both traditional and modern environments. Evoke natural grace with elegant chromatic solutions employing the essence of dimension.